Write Your Own Script 

Harlan Jacobsen Copyright 2003

Your subconscious mind is the quarterback of your life. The attitudes that change your life are the result of changing your subconscious programming.

Your subconscious has amazing power that is relatively unexplainable.

For example:

You can set your subconscious alarm clock to awaken you at any time.

Let us say you normally wake up at 6 am.

  • By making the correct suggestions to your subconscious when you know how, you can wake up without an alarm at 5 o'clock tomorrow morning if that is your desire.

  • We can all do it and most of us have done or do it all the time.

  • How does your subconscious accomplish this?

    Nobody knows.

What they do know is that your subconscious can be programmed to do some amazing things.

Accomplishing goals or visualizations, making what you visualize or set as your goals come true is one of the main functions of your subconscious.

In this next chapter........
...... we are using self or auto suggestion methods, advocated for centuries by the wisest philosophers as a means of restructuring your life to what you want it to be.

We are using a modern method with this, a mechanical short cut through the use of a cassette or any tape machine.

This will be a form of sort of a self hypnosis, an auto suggestion tape that gets through to your sub conscious through complete relaxation of your body and your conscious mind.

When you use it, you will learn to become completely relaxed and listening to these tapes that you make for 15-30 minutes two to three times daily will be the equivalent to a 2-3 hour nap.

While in this relaxed state, your subconscious mind will receive new instructions and programming.

Nobody is going to get you to do something you do not want to do.

This is very similar to praying to God to accomplish something.
  • You do not wish for something.
  • You are making it all very definite.
  • You see it as an accomplished fact.

  • When, actually, you are praying you are giving your universal mind with God instructions.

    You could, in fact......
    ..... reword the entire script as a prayer if that better suits you but recommend that you use it as suggested here.

    Just as you pray before going to sleep or at other relaxed times, so you will use your suggestion relaxation tape.

    Consciously go over the entire script that you are going to use to make your personal tape.

    Accept or reject any parts that you do not believe will help you.

    Once it is on the tape and you play it repetitively your subconscious will accept it, so now is the time to make judgments on the content of your tape.

    Your subconscious makes no judgments and follows the suggestions.

    We could sell you this recorded for you, for example, but it would not include your personal goals.

    It has been found that to be most effective it should be your voice on the tape.

    You will listen to this tape in a relaxed state at least once or twice a day for two weeks.

    After that you may cut it in half, every two or three days and then playing it only as you feel like it or at least once a week for another month.

    In two weeks time.....
    ..... you will become completely relaxed in listening to it.

    Your mind becomes conditioned, achieving more of a refreshing, relaxing break than a long nap.

    It will become an important and refreshing part of your day.

    If you will stay with it long enough for it to condition your mind to this relaxation state.

    What the rules are:

    • Make up your mind that you will do it regularly.

    • You are not going to have to expend any effort.

    • You are only going to completely relax and daily play the tape. Initially try to play your tape daily three times.

    • Wake up a few minutes early and play your tape upon arising, for example.

    • Play it when you are finished with the day's work and plop down in a comfortable chair and relax.

    • Play it just before going to bed and it will put you in a relaxed mood or state that will give you a night's rest.

    By now you should have thought through your goals with the last chapters forms filled out.

    You may add to these forms before writing your final total goals the following:
    List the resistances standing between you and your goals.


    • Lack of time,

    • lack of money,

    • lack of experience.

    • List all you can.

    Make a plan of action to hurdle these resistances and obtain your objective.

    I will overcome these aspects.

    You are now ready to write your main goal which will be used in your tape.

    Remember, if you fail to plan you are planning to fail.

    What would be a great thing to do with my life?

    When you stop dreaming you stop living!

    You are about to change your programming.

    What instructions you give your subconscious will be what you become.

    Make no small goals.

    Most people tend to make them too small and set too l- o- n- g to accomplish them.

    Computer personnel call it GIGO, garbage in, garbage out. (you get out what you put in)

    Carefully write your goals after thinking them out thoroughly.


    Goals bring discipline of action.

    You may develop a major overall goal, say for the next five years.

    Other goals for one year, one month and sub goals, for example, for the next week.

    By throwing yourself into some work you believe in with all your heart you will find happiness.

    One of your major goals should be to be happy.

    A worthwhile goal will, in itself, be a long and big step on the road to being happy.

    Think about your goal all the time.

    Write your goal out in simple, clear language.

    By what date do you expect to achieve each part of your goal?

    List changes in attitudes, conduct, habits, appearance and associations to reach this goal.

    Break it into segments. List the benefits to you.

    What benefits will you hope to gain from all of this?

    Wording is important. Do not say, "I'm going to" - say, "I am." Your subconscious does not care about time unless you instruct it to.

    By saying "I am" it gets to work on it right now and not some indefinite time in the future.

    Put some practical time limits on your goals.

    By ____ (certain time) I will have ________ and so on.

    Let's say you are having difficulty getting out and developing any relationships.

    Let's say you have made the conscious decision that the best thing for you in the next three months is not to develop any one big all encompassing relationship but that in order to find yourself and determine what you want out of life and a relationship on a permanent basis that you are for three months going to date many people and develop many wonderful relationships.

    Maybe your long-term goal is to develop a permanent, lifetime relationship but your short-term goal is, as we said, to develop many wonderful relationships over the next three months.

    You might then word both goals as follows:

    By June 1 of next year I will have established and be ready to handle a long-term relationship with an exciting, wonderful person of the opposite sex.

    This person will appear when you (your name) are completely ready for this type of relationship.

    It will be the love story of a lifetime.

    You can see all of this now.

    For the next 90 days you see (your name) meeting, dating and enjoying many, many, relationships with members of the opposite sex.

    I will meet wonderful and exciting people. (Your name) will be very popular and very busy with these relationships.

    You will get to know many happy men or women very well. (Your name) will enjoy these relationships more and more and your dating will become better and better.

    This is just an example and you can write your own goals.

    Use your name often like (your name) will, is, etc. throughout your script by now you should have set monetary goals, physical things you see yourself having and all.

    Write it all out worded as suggested so

    conscious sees it as happening right now or already happened or will have happened by a certain date.

    Do not make it too short a time or do not give yourself too much time, either. Most err in too long.

    Your subconscious can do amazing things.

    Do not worry about all the details (for instance, how you are going to meet the people mentioned in the last example) leave that up to your subconscious, it will solve that problem when the time comes.

    Just tell it what it is accomplishing, and your subconscious quarterback will call all of the right plays.

    Have confidence and actually see your goal as accomplished.

    Once you have achieved that you are half, way there.

    You are now ready to write your total goals.

    If you have been going out for the last six months with a lot of different dates and you consider yourself now ready to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, then you might use as part of your goal the following:

    Remember, you can make a long tape with this and everything else on it or you can make additional tapes, perhaps a short one with all of the lead in or relaxation, etc., and just this sort of thing as the main part.

    Determine the major and absolute assets you want in your Mr. or Mrs. Right. . .background, line of work, age, interests, hobbies, sexual preferences, monetary station, etc.

    Once you have that all written down, start it out like this:
    As a single person, (your name) have a right and desire to meet and have the right person in life.

    That is being drawn to you now.

    You are attracting that person like a magnet.

    This right person (your perfect) will (list absolute necessary qualities).

    This perfect person (the one for you) will find that you are the perfect person for them too.

    You are growing and changing to become the perfect mate for that perfect (man or woman) for you. End of goal wording.

    Remember, it is important to use the right wording.

    We assume you now have this ready to go.

    Now take the meat out of this and write a 3-4 line condensed goal on a recipe sized card.

    Make several copies. Scotch tape one on the inside of the door or behind the mirror in your medicine chest and read it once every time you are in there.

    Put them other places--like scotch tape one to the bottom of your middle desk drawer at work, open it and read your card several times, daily.

    Carry a card with your goals in your pocket.

    Take it out and read it several times daily.

    You are going to get the message across to your subconscious by thinking about it several times daily--visualizing whatever it is you want.

    You will be hearing it (tape) and seeing it on your card and visualizing it.

    When you hear it on tape you will visualize it actually occurring on the motion picture screen of your mind.

    The entire script has been very well thought through to cover or correct most of the adjustment problems we have heard of in the divorce survival situation.

    Please do not delete any parts unnecessarily You have made the decision that many people are afraid to make.

    A decision to take the course of your life into your own hands.

    Remember, no one runs your life anymore.

    You alone are responsible.

    You are now free and have perhaps just been drifting.

    Setting your own goals and determining your own destiny is the route now to success, fulfillment and happiness.

    You are ready to enter the land of beginning again. You may record the following script on a cassette tape.

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