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Since this web site is accessed world wide, we are making this a "world contest". Most in the process, feel their divorce is the worse divorce ever, and nobody knows how bad this is.

We started out asking each class, who in the class thought they had the "worse" or most traumatic etc divorce. We heard a lot of really heart wrenching trauma stories that made the rest of the class feel like their divorce really was not that bad.

After we heard this following story, we stopped asking those in the new class who thought they had the worse divorce, and just repeated this guys experience and asked if anyone thought theirs was worse. We are still asking, so if you think yours was worse, let us know.

Leader so far......
This guy thought he had a normal fairly happy marriage. Good looking wife and three great kids. They lived in a large mobile home in the best mobile park in town. Had just bought a nearly new, late model car and left it for her to use by riding his old english motorcycle to work. They were planning and looking forward to a trip to the other end of the state to visit relatives the following weekend. He thought every thing was rosy and kissed his wife goodby one morning and rode his motorcycle to work.

When he got home after work, the mobile home was gone and he found a note fastened to a stick on the foundation where the mobile home had been, the note said:

John, I have decided to leave you and get a divorce..... I have dropped off your clothes at your sisters house. Will contact you at work in a few days.

End of story.

Looking at this from the spouse leavor stand point, it perhaps looked like the best way to leave. If she had told him two weeks in advance of her plans, she likely feared she would have had two weeks of terrible turmoil which would have been very disturbing to her self and the welfare of the three children.

Perhaps she foresaw, hollering, screaming, pleading, and perhaps even the threat of physical violence.

From her stand point, it probably was the best way to do it, simply call the mobile home moving firm and move the home to an undisclosed place.

Then, tell him with a note, that it was over, with little or no chance of repercussions.

I remember this story, twenty years later so I will relate it here...... This guys wife had been cheating on him, and he took her back. He had a hard time handling it and they both went to a marriage counselor to try and put the marriage back together in a normal relationship.

Six weeks into this he was going thru the garbage and found evidence his wife had been sleeping with the marriage counselor.

There were hundreds of really traumatic storys of women who had been in similar very upsetting endings to what they thought was a "good marriage". I would like to list them here also, but you likely understand most have a common "surprise" element just as likely yours did.

It is almost like sudden death, often the survivor never had a clue.

If misery loves company, then you should know you have a lot of company.

The big thing class members learned from hearing others "divorce" story, was that maybe mine was not "that bad". and then learning that these people had healed, after some time had passed, and had successfully moved on to a bigger, new and better life.

They learned, that if these people could get past it, so can I.

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Worlds Worst Divorce (So Far)
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