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Our Advice On Single Life And What Works

2001 Harlan Jacobsen

What I found out: I shared with suddenly singled in our classes. Each week we got together, shared ideas and discussed what was working

Who learned the most at these classes? I did. Who attended the longest? I did. Who listened to more expert guest speakers on the subject? I did. Who was keeping track all this time of what was really working? I did. Who cut the baloney out of what the experts were mouthing and got direct to the revelations that were working......You got it....

When I started out attending seminars and such around the country I always took a notepad. After I had gone to the trouble and expense of traveling hundreds of miles to hear some expert or so called authority on the subject, I often noted my tablet was empty.

Oh, the other folks at the event were enthralled, wasn't he wonderful, His speech covered just about all of my problems.......they exclaimed.

Lots of recognition and empathizing with your problems, but little or no solutions. I already knew what the problems were......

I came for solutions and answers to problems. and....I wasn't getting many answers. Eventually in books, seminars, classes, and hundreds of people, we did find and put together answers and solutions to affect major life changes for the better. We put them out in the classes and got almost immediate feed back on what worked and what didn't.

Guess where we discovered most of the good solid answers to get from the worst time of your life to the best time in short order...?????

You guessed it, single people in the classes who came back week after week to share their successful life turn arounds, with other newly singled who were now where they too had been a short time ago.

We give credit were credit is due.... We did not think it up..... We got it from lots of sources... That's right....we stole nearly all of it from hundreds of the best people and the best sources we could find.

What we did do was keep track of what was working and kept putting out new things to try. and.......that is exactly what we are doing here...

So cut out the baloney and LETS GET RIGHT TO WHAT WORKS.......

Each month we release new parts of these series on our web sites and single newspapers on changing your life. Hundreds of pages of Archived series are also readily available.

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Our Advice On Single Life And What Works
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