Find a Divorce Support Group or Organized Singles Club

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Groups come and go and what I have may be or likely will be obsolete, so first try locally by calling your library, ask for the research department and ask them to find a divorce or whatever singles group you are looking for or currently active support group in your area.

Thats first try.

Next, look on our divorce page in left column there is a box that has a link to a site that looks for support groups by area code.

This includes only those support groups that use their system..

Look in the yellow pages and look for counselors that say they handle divorce counseling, and just call and just say, since you deal with divorce, I was wondering if you are aware of any divorce support groups, singles groups etc in xyz area..

Next I would call a large church, any brand in your area and ask them if they have or know of one in your area. Many large churches have both singles groups and divorce support groups.

Again, do not worry that this is not your brand of church....go to any that have a group, if nothing else to find out if any attendees know of any other groups...

Divorce groups, even those not run by the church usually meet in churches cause they get use of the room for free.

If you find a group anywhere attend and ask everyone if they know of others, or one closer to you etc.

Now, if all that fails, get into contact with me, tell me what you have tried and together we will figure out how to find one near you if it exists.

Let me know, if you succeed too, and lets hear how you found it...

Remember, it is easy to start your own group.

If you can not find one, then there likely needs to be one. Even three people, will make it worth getting together.....

Others will join and we can show you how to do get one started and others will keep it going....

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Find a divorce support group or organized singles club
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