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Recession Leaves Few Options for Divorce


Budget Not Covering One Household, Two Impossible


 Divorce: STBX Still in Same House

Else Leavor May Be On The Street

Divorce is down because due to the recession many can not afford a divorce.

Some had strained budgets which was part of the turmoil in the marriage and they found with the advent of the recession now they could not even afford to get divorced particularly when one of them got laid off.

Everything is changed and the situation is such that if one had to leave the house they could not afford to maintain another household and would likely wind up on the street or at relatives.

Therefore, the question, which one could leave, answer: neither one could afford to. do so, therefore they have an uneasy truce and the leavor leavee decision is postponed indefinately untll finances improve.

Therefore they continue to live under the same roof, but in difficult to handle emotional conditions.

Money for an attorney is nowhere to be found but that does not mean the divorce can not proceed, and if it does proceed it does not mean one has to go live on the street.

You can do a do it yourself divorce, filing your own paper work if you can agree on what the settlement is and who gets what. Because the divorce gets settled and finalized does not mean one has to move out and live on the street etc. Have this worked out as part of the proceeding and getting it over with.

If you have one or the other figuring they may not be getting a fair shake on what the proposed in the do it yourself divorce, they can pay an attorney for an hours time or sometimes you can get the first hour free.

Basically lay out the tenative settlement agreement as it is progressed to this point for the attorney to review and ask "is this fair to me" or am i getting short shrift here? The attorney should tell you his honest opinion as to what normally happens in a court settlement in a similar situation.

If grossly unfair in his opinion, then you can go back to your soon to be X and tell them this is the way it should be to be fair to me according to the attorney.

You never hired the attorney to represent you, you only asked for his opinion and that was the end of it.

Remember, if the attorney is HIRED to represent you, it is then out of your control, regarding time and how it proceeds etc.

The judge is going to have to approve the paper work and most will look for anything unfair to one or the other, but other judges will approve anything agreed on so be sure you have a fair settelment worked out for both parties.

There is no law saying you can not continue to live under the same roof just because your divorce is final.

Therefore there is no reason to hold up on the paper work, you can file the stationary supplied kit papers for a small amount of money. It is the attornies that make the average divorce cost around $9,000 in fees and i have seen some figures that go far higher then that.

Without the attornies it is in the hundreds of dollars or even less.

Anywhere along the way in the process, one or the other or both together can buy some attornies time by the hour to help clear up any problems that seem unresolveable.


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