Do you want to get thru your divorce recovery process fast ?

Harlan Jacobsen Copyright 2003


Get past the pain and on with a second chance for a great new life?

I'll show you how to......

Get past the pain and agony of your loss and "what was" or was supposed to be.
And get more new friends and things happening in your new life ..... Than You Can Handle!

To: All those going thru the death of a long term relationship.

From:Harlan L. Jacobsen

Date: 05/15/03

      Do you want a great new life or are you ready to just settle for "reruns" of what was?

      How many new friends and how much excitement do you want in this second chance for a great life?

      Pick the number and what you want exciting to happen in this second act of "your life" play? If you can handle a great new expanding life..... I can show you how to get it.


or you can have back double your divorce process miserys anytime you want,
No questions asked.


      Why listen to me?

      Good question. I could tell you all sorts of wonderful true stories, I suppose, but...

      Would you really care?

      I hope not. This is all about you. Not me.

      What works for me and others might not seem like it would work for you. And doing it exactly the way I do probably won't work for you. I have different friends, different goals, and a different style.

      That's why I'm going to teach you how to find the formula that works for you. For your new life,, your goals, and your style.

      You should only listen to me just long enough to test these ideas. See that they work for you, personally.

      If you're willing to invest that time, I'm willing to lay out the map for your exciting new journey..


      In case you're curious about what other people think of these techniques go here, consider the fact many have used these tools to move on and have came back to share what "worked for them". What worked for them is what I lay out for you.

"As someone who has been involved with over 10,000 people who have gone thru the divorce recovery process in person, I know what worked for them and from them, what they have said they tried that doesn't work.. We just save the advice that worked for them and will work for you.

I am not sellling anything and do not ask for money,
The only thing I am selling, is helping to convince you to "move on" to a better place.

It's All About You

      It seems you've heard it a million times, and you know it's true: You need to "get a life".

      Getting past this traumatic time in your life is the biggest challenge most of us will ever face. Sometimes it seems like the worst thing that ever happenend to you.

      It doesn't have to be........

       A Year from now........I want you to be able to look back and say...."my divorce was the best thing that ever happened to me". Most are literlally wasting their life, compared to what they could be doing during this recovery time.. Even long after recovering from the divorce process, many of the most successful and happy people are continuing studying and learning what it takes to make their new life work.

      You're going to learn here a system you can customize for yourself that will turn your recovery efforts into a challenging fun trip. One that will keep you on track and improving your ablitity to handle your new life easily and have fun doing it.
A pattern for you to use for long after you've done the recovery work and study to "move on". This is the same information and techniques that thousands of other have used with great success.We have boiled down your divorce recovery and moving on to a great new life into many simple steps that make it as close to fool-proof as you can get.

       If you want to control your new life and a great new future, you'll build the new life programming and just let it run on its own once you get it in place, Once it is on auto pilot, it will free up your time to do other things.

      If you want to move on from these divorce miserys, to a great new expanding life, you'll need to develop a "constantly learning" system that will cause you to continue to grow - as a person on your own -. Bringing in more success and happiness then you ever thought possible. Once you've set it up, with the all new right for you "progamming" you can just let it run in the background, It will be building your new life seeing to it you make all the right decisions and bringing in life successes without any extra effort on your part.

      If you want you can rev things up a notch or two, or just cruise along and watch it happen.. It takes virtually no time or stress to expand your life once you have the right programming and you have the "new you" program change system in place.

      And no, I'm NOT talking about anything complicated. or difficult, that you haven't a clue what you're doing..

      It will all make perfect understandable sense as you go. By the time you're done with fully studying the material on this site, you'll have a highly personalized, extremely specific "programming plan to create your own "automated life success" . A life success that will bring you more happiness and future then you can even dream about right now.

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Getting past the pain and on with a second chance for a great new life
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