Reprogram Your Life
Writing the script to change your life. Divorce Tragedy or Opportunity Part 6

Harlan Jacobsen Copyright 2003

You are ready to enter the land of beginning again. You may record the following script on a cassette tape.

Anyway that you can play it back easily and conveniently.

Read the script as you record it using emphasis at important parts.

Speak deliberately at a normal rate, of speed in a relaxed voice.


This recording will change your life, (your name).

You are a unique and wonderful person, a creation of God.

  • You have a right to be here.

  • You know that God does not sponsor any flops and he is sponsoring you.
As you listen to this recording time and time again, each time you will gain more from it and put it into use in your daily life.

You will listen to this recording completely relaxed and learn to relax more each time.

You are now completely resting in your chair or lying down.

Take three deep breaths.

You pick out a certain spot in the room to look at and you will look at that spot as you listen to this recording.

Do not move a muscle. Just look at the spot.

A normal change is taking place although you may not realize it (your name)........................ but already the rhythm of your breathing has changed.

It's slower, it is comfortable, your heartbeat has slowed down and your blood pressure is lower because you are relaxed.

Now you have been looking at the spot and you will be able to close your eyes now and still visualize the spot you have been looking at (your name) ...............

the suggestions on this tape are only of things that you know are possible for (your name) do, things that you know you can do.

You want to first become very comfortable.

Your conscious mind can sleep or think about other things while your subconscious mind can listen to and absorb and retain the suggestions on this recording.

You continue on now relaxed and at ease, in comfort and completely relaxed.

You continue on now relaxed and at ease, in comfort and completely relaxed.

Each time you listen to this recording you will become more and more relaxed.

At the proper time you will hear all of the directions and goals necessary to take care of problems, to change your life for the better.

You are continuing to relax more now, letting yourself drift down now, deeper and deeper.

You are relaxed completely throughout every fiber of your body, existence, relaxing physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

As you relax so comfortably and completely in this fashion concentrating your mind, listening to each word that is being said here to help you, you let each suggestion and goal take
complete and thorough effect to help you, deeply, automatically on both the conscious and subconscious levels of mind activity.

You extend these principles of relaxation and concentration which you are now experiencing into your everyday life so that in every circumstance in which you find yourself whether alone or with others, you can relax and concentrate your mind automatically, no matter what you are doing you find that more and more, day by day you relax and concentrate your mind.

You relax and apply yourself more thoroughly and more effectively.

You concentrate and you reach decisions easily and readily, you act efficiently and effectively.

You build your confidence and self reliance, your self acceptance and self esteem.

You are becoming a stronger individual, day by day, and you become self sufficient as this occurs.. you drift down now deeper and deeper relaxed, you realize is you are more relaxed you are capable of greater concentration and you evaluate things even more thoroughly and completely.

You reach decisions even more easily and you act even more efficiently and effectively and you continually build your self confidence, your self reliance, acceptance and self esteem, growing stronger and stronger and more sure of yourself.

You relax deeply as you let all of these suggestions seat themselves permanently in subconscious mind.

You concentrate your mind as you continually find you are capable of more relaxation and greater concentration and so on a never ending cycle of progress that grows, strengthens and reinforces itself every day as you grow and become that person you have always admired, the person you always wanted to be - self sufficient!

You relax more and more, deeper and deeper as every day you become stronger and more fit.

You realize that goals are important to your happiness and success in life.

One of the goals is to lead a happy, fulfilled single life and you are enthusiastic about single life and its opportunities.

Insert goals at this point (your name) and put goals here.

You are now ready to face life squarely.

You are sweeping your mind clear of all the negative mental horrors you have been storing in your mental museum.

You are tuning out the unpleasant past.

You are turning off your negative images.

Your unpleasant memories are diminishing and the teller in your memory bank is canceling them out.

Hereafter, you will no longer verbalize negative emotion or feeling.

Bad memories will no longer hold you back.

You will no longer hide behind excuses.

You will change your environment of negatives and will gravitate to more positive friends.

You will find yourself in a flock that thinks right.

As you concentrate your mind and relax you are happy to realize that you will no longer be lonely, you know you meet many exciting singles and make many, many new friends.

You are finding that there are literally 1,000s of singles in Arizona who are potential friends for (your name) and you will learn how to meet them easily.

You will constantly improve your appearance and your attitude.

You will experience a rejuvenation.

Every, day you will become more and more something special that singles of the opposite sex are looking to meet.

You will be much in demand.

You will expand your world and your personality.

You will literally blossom out as a flower coming into full bloom.

You are finding that you are a very worthwhile, attractive, wanted, single person.

You have room for many new friends.

You will be a friend to many, many singles of both sexes and they will become a friend of yours.

You will no longer be a shy, timid person.

You will become an exciting and outgoing personality with many high caliber friends.

You are becoming more and more tuned into single life.

You will no longer be afraid to take risks for fear of rejection.

We all know we can expect some rejection but we won't let it slow us down nor injure our pride.

You will not, let past hurts affect you anymore in your present single life.

You will learn to smile more and your smile becomes contagious.

Everywhere you go you will smile and you will watch others smile back happily.

Meeting and getting acquainted with, other singles will get easier and easier for you and become a fun thing.

You will find you are able, to develop deep, satisfying, long-term relationships.

All facets of your love life will be better and better than they have ever been before.

You will do more than your share to help other singles adjust to a happier single life.

You will learn to be more trusting and you will find others can be as honest with you as you are with them.

You will be relaxed and comfortable in social situations with singles of the opposite sex.

You will have no difficulty taking the initiative in doing whatever is necessary to meet singles of the opposite sex and become acquainted with them.

You will make a point and part of your single life to get out at least once a week and continue to mingle with other singles and get acquainted with new friends continuously.

When you go out and mingle in the single world, you will go out primarily to have a good time and to make today a great day.

By being happy and having a great time you will attract and meet other happy singles.

Each time you go out it will be better for you and you will enjoy yourself and others more and more.

You will give others a chance to know you and give yourself a chance to know them.

By meeting and getting acquainted with many you will obtain many different viewpoints and find it easier to determine where you are at and to determine much more accurately what
type of people you want as friends and for close relationships.

You will enjoy and use your freedom as a single to cast your own lot in this world, a freedom to become and accomplish anything you want in life.

You have set higher goals for yourself and will continue to make new goals as you work to obtain them.

It will all be a great expanding experience. You will discover many new people and new things that will all change your life for the better.

Every day in every way (your name) single life will get better and easier for you.

As you learn now to relax completely you will daily be more at ease, much less easily worried, much less agitated, much less fearful and apprehensive and much less easily upset.

You will be able to think more clearly using your conscious and subconscious mind together for your own benefit.

No one lives up to all the expectations of another.

__yn__ will no longer feel inferior because __yn__ did not live up to someone's expectations because __yn__ did not fail anyone and there is no justifiable reason to feel __yn__ has ever failed anyone.

__yn__ will not feel inferior because __yn__ has not reached all of __yn__ ideals.

Hardly anyone reaches all of their ideals and __yn__ is no exception. You do have control of your own fate and you know you can easily reach your goals in life.

You have your own __________(apt., home, etc.) that is all for you. ( your name ) want to prolong (your name
) - life to its fullest and will not engage in any form of self destructive behavior.

It is a great life and a great world! ( your name) will not have, any desire to take up smoking, use drugs or resort to alcohol in an attempt to escape or any other form of self destruction.

( your name) is a beautiful person and will no longer have any desire to do anything that will detract or lessen that beauty.

Every day in every way __yn__ will do the things that make __yn__ a better, more attractive person. __yn__ will grow emotionally and intellectually and expand __yn__ horizons and his/her world.

Your memory will improve and you will be able to see things in their true perspective without magnifying them and without allowing them to get out of proportion.

Every day you will become emotionally much more calm, much more settled, much less easily disturbed and every day your feeling of well being, safety and security will be greater than you have felt in a long, long time.

Every day you will become and remain more and more relaxed both mentally and physically.

You can do everything better when you are relaxed whether it be physical, mental or emotional as you become and as you remain more relaxed and less tense each day so you will develop in yourself much more confidence in your abilities to do what you ought to be able to do but much more confident in your ability to do whatever you should be able to do without fear of failure without fear of consequences without unnecessary anxiety and without uneasiness.

Because of this every day you will feel more and more independent more able to stick up for yourself, to stand up on your own two feet, to hold your own no matter how trying things may have been and because all of these things will happen exactly as I have told you they will.

You realize that God has a better life in store for you. You are going to feel much happier, be happy and have a fulfilled feeling -much more contented, much more cheerful, much more optimistic

All of these suggestions are now deeply firmly and permanently implanted in the deepest reaches of your subconscious and they are part of your entire being to be used automatically by you
to make your single life more effective, more enjoyable and more productive.

More useful and happier in your new freedom, to cast your own lot as you learn to relax more and more, as you learn to concentrate your mind more and more
helping you as you learn to relax deeper and deeper relax as you learn to concentrate your mind more intensely, more and more completely.

You have been completely relaxed but now as I now count to five you will rise yourself to the awakening state of awareness you will be wide awake, happy in life as a single person and its opportunities, fully refreshed and full of energy and enthusiasm with a photographic memory of each and every word that has been said, knowing that each word is applicable to you personally and it cannot do anything but help you in all facets of your life.

As I count to five now then back to the normal waking state, wide awake.

One, two, three - coming up, closer and closer, fully refreshed now and wide awake at five.

For this recording to have full effect will take up to two weeks of "conditioning," preferably playing the tape three times a day.

The best time is when you are in a relaxed state, or just before doing something pleasant, like enjoyable recreation, sleep, etc.

At the third week the sessions can be reduced to twice a day.

If miracles are not expected and if you allow nature to take its course, you'll find you are increasing a level of general relaxation affecting both the muscles and nervous system at the same time setting up conditions for your subconscious to be receptive and to act on the suggestions and goals on your personal tape.

You may make a tape of just your goals without the relaxation as washing the dishes, etc.

The full relaxation tape should be used only when you are in a position to relax completely.

This tape can start you well on your way to the "land of beginning again."

Is it necessary to go through such a seemingly absurd routine?

In most cases, to change your life and to happily adjust to single life in a short time, I think it is.

Life is too short to take years to make adjustments and changes that can be accomplished in short time.

Your mind needs to be primed just as a carburetor primes an engine.

It is necessary to dissolve your problems before your problems dissolve you.

Your subconscious can solve your problems if you give it a chance. Remember, you really don't have problems, you have opportunities.

You must realize what you will accomplish by following this simple routine. The benefits are enormous.

This tape can also be a sort of a pep talk for you several times daily.

It will help you "let go" when you might otherwise tie your self into knots.

The relaxation ability you eventually develop with this tape will mean better health.

Tension will disappear.

You will be more popular because you will be much more calm, relaxed and make friends more easily.

Your work will go better and your personality will improve with tension and worry out the window.

Your appearance will improve as the tension lines let go when your peace of mind is reflected in your face.

Your new abilities to relax will mean better, easier sleep.

You will find your life is happier when you can relax.

You know you will live longer when you are no longer "up tight" about everything.


It is not important where your situation is.

What is important is where you go and what you do with life. Without goals you cannot grow.

Without a goal you cannot buy an airplane ticket to anyplace.

As the Bible states: "As a man thinketh in his heart so is he." Without a goal we go around in circles, feel lost and find life itself aimless and purposeless.

There is no satisfaction in life without obstacles to conquer and goals to achieve.

Always have something ahead to which to look forward. Remember the words of Paul J. Meyer: "What you ardently desire, sincerely believe in, vividly imagine,
enthusiastically act on must inevitably come to pass."

When you have set goals and are using the different methods of keeping the goals in front of you and programmed to your subconscious you are well on the way to a new life.


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