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1. Do you still feel like somewhat of a failure as a result of your divorce?

2. Do you still lack self confidence that you are a worthwhile, desirable person?

3. Do you feel your single-social life is minimal?

4. Are you having trouble developing the kind of relationships you want?

5. Do you feel your sexual needs are not being met, or if they are you have guilt tied up with it?

6. Do you still feel uncomfortable about dating?

7. Do you feel (if you're a man) that nearly all the single women are trying to marry again; (if you're a woman) that all men want is to get you in bed?

8. Do you find it hard to do your best on your job since your divorce?

9. Do you still have periods of day dreaming about your situation, staring at the wall for long periods of time?

10 . Do you find yourself still drinking or eating more than you did before your divorce?

11.  Do you still have trouble taking over the duties necessary for existence that you spouse used to do?

12. Do you still talk about your divorce several times per week?

13.  Does any contact with, or news of your ex. still upset you ?

14. Do you still feel you are in a financial turmoil because of your divorce?

15. Are you still up tight about getting acquainted with attractive strangers of the opposite sex?

16. Are you either searching hoping to get married again or very strongly opposed to getting married again?

17. Do you still regurgitate mentally some of your past hurts?

18. Do you still resent your ex. for being somewhat responsible for putting you in your present position?

19. Do you still feel that being single is too much of a hassle and that being married was much more comfortable?

20. Do you still feel desperately lonely at times, or have periods when you dread being alone?

21. Do you still feel like a fish out of water at activities strictly for singles?

22.  Do you still feel ill at ease going to any social functions alone?

23. Do you still have trouble totally trusting the opposite sex?

24. Do you feel at loose ends at to what happens to your life now?

25. Do you still feel emotionally drained, and that you are not ready for another relationship?

26.  Do you think of single life as temporary?

If you have more than 10 yes answers - you still have quite a bit of adjusting to do and Divorce Recovery Class should be of help to you.

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