The Miserables need not last

Your marriage did not fall apart in a straight line.  Your divorce may have seemed like relief from a bad marriage, but for many when first in divorce it seemed worse than the marriage.

This graph shows you how getting from the pits of divorce pain does get better and it does not do so in a straight line.  It is a roller coaster ride.......

But it does get better and we are here to help you make it a much faster trip to a great new life.   (we do not charge anyone anything so do not say you can not afford getting on with a new life.)

You can stay in the miserables if you like, but you really do not need to......It is your choice.
Remember, you could formerly blame your spouse.   Now if you are still miserable six months from now.....

ONLY you to blame..

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The Miserables need not last
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