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65 percent of people with diabetes Do Not die from diabetes, they die from heart attack or stroke caused by same thing causing your diabetes symptoms.

If you do not fix what is causing your diabetes it damages blood vessels, including those leading to the brain and heart. This damage is called atherosclerosis which can ultimately make it difficult for blood to flow through the vessels and cause your blood pressure to rise which is instrumental in killing you. Unless you fix what you have been alerted by your diabetes diagnosis, is going on (diabetes is first symptom and a warning) you are two to four times as likely to have a heart attack or stroke, also much more likely to die from a heart attack.

Tim Russert, the NBC correspondent who recently died without warning of a heart attack, actually had diabetes, which in its presence itself is a warning that you need to remove the true underlying cause promptly or more deadly results will likely follow.

Jacobsen Publishing Editor Harlan, just spent 4 years researching how to fix his personal diabetes (to regain 14 years cut from his life expectancy) and shares what he is continually learning at these sites. (and with a hard copy newspaper you can subscribe to) then list diabetes with clicks and related "fix" sites, out live doc etc. fat sites caveman and ancestor 


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This Whole Concept In Brief.:
Definition of word DISEASE:
A pathological condition of an organism resulting from various causes.

Causes of Modernittis Disease: Modern Input and Environment, Inappropriate for this model body causing body defensive action, self damaging in attempt to "save itself".

Definition of word SYMPTOM:
indication of disorder or disease, a change from normal.

Diabetes Is a Symptom, Body disorder indication of "self defense" over reaction to advanced accumulated Modernittis disease.


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* All About Fat - The Big Fat Lie
* Our Deadly Diabetes Deception
* Switching to a New Lifestyle.....
* A Cure Already Exists?
* Insulin Not Miracle Cure for Type 2
* How We Got Here
* Caveman’s Water
* Diabetes Know the Symptoms


* The Caveman Diet
* What You Eat on Caveman Diet
* Reversing or Curing Neuropathy
* 2 Russians Develop Diabetes Cure
* Physician Caused Drug Deaths #3
* Neuropathy - Dead & Dying Nerves
* How You Got in Caught in the Obesity Trap


* Make your Caveman Lifestyle Work
* What is MSG? What are Transfats?
 * Warning for Older Diabetics
* Caveman Lifestyle Change
* Make Diabetic Fast Food Pemmican
* Depression, Diabetes & Stroke
* What Diabetics Need to Know
* Dying is Easy, Overcoming Diabetes is A Lot Of Work


* Latest: Is Alzheimer’s Diabetes 3?
* Fix Your pH -Fast Road to Health
* How "Caveman Diet" Drops Fat
* Understand Your Diabetes Graph
* Diabetics: It’s Not WHAT You Eat
* Travel Tips for Diabetics
* Aspirin: Helpful or Harmful
* How Your Body’s Operating Software "Survival" System Works
* Dark Chocolate Lowers Blood Pressure


* Diabetes Isn’t What Going to Kill
* Pain Is A Warning
* Keeping Diabetic Teeth
* Diabetes is a Symptom
* Heal a Sore or Die Trying
* Diabetic Caveman Cooking
* Aid for Diabetic Cheaters
* 82% Already Had Strokes
* Study of 4,000 Diabetics Finds Half with Chronic Kidney Disease


* Diabetic Survival Kit Essentials
* Getting Diabetes Under Control
* Is It Trash or Food?
* Silent Diabetic Heart Attack
* What Works with Diabetes
* Chocolate Can Add Year to Life
* Cherries May be Big for Diabetes


* Latest Diabetes Statistics Report
* $$$ Help with Prescriptions
* You Need a Test to Know This
* Sugaraholics, Won’t Give It Up
* What is Killing You/Me Now....?
* Your Cooking Worse Than TransFat?
* Diabetes Recipes Work For Me


* Beware Fake Health Food
* Physical Diabetes Fix That Works
 * Where Inflammation Comes From
* Chocolate Therapy & Fiber Solution
* Flatulence: The Enzyme Meter
* Why You Are Dying 20 Yrs. Early
* Testing Your Blood Glucose Level


* Best Time to Eat to Control Diabetes
* Update: The Chocolate Miracle
* Insulin IS a Fat Making Hormone
* Add Years, Improve Healthy Lifestyle
* Big "Hidden" Component of Diabetes
* Shop, Prepare, and Eat Basic Items


* Diabetes, Obesity, Worthless Prescription
* Best $15 Present for Diabetic Friend
* Make New Improved Life Style Change
* Never Count Calories Again
* Leg & Foot Problems Early Warning
* 82% U.S. Drowning in Blood Sugar
* Real Reason Why You Go to Doctor


* Obesity and Diabetes are not a disease
* Decline Speeded with Drugs
* New Diabetes Cure Works
* 9 Simple Fixes for Diabetes
* Why You Have High Insulin and Damage Accumulates
* 6 Things That You Can Give Your Body Correctly


* Diabetes &Sleep Apnea Have Connection
* Beware Doctors Free Sample Trap
* Reconsider Drugs -May Be Problem
* Life Style Changes Made Simple
* Know How High Your Insulin Runs?
* Diabetics Rarely Die of Diabetes

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