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Looking For Mr. or Ms Right at the Wrong Time

2001 Harlan Jacobsen

Boy: Do You Have Needs......

You are probably a very "needy" person.. What you think you should be doing right now is getting out there and start interviewing opposite sex members to find someone to volunteer for the full time job of filling all your needs.

Time is a wasting.....and this needy person keeps getting needier........

Little Chance but what if someone actually volunteered for the job or role of Mr or Ms Right?

Surprise.....they would likely resign the position in a short time. Because you are asking them to not only fill the needs the former spouse (probably resigned for same reason) was filling but also picking up the support system left vacant by loss of all youir married friends.

When this one resigns too in short order, you will correctly conclude there is something wrong with your technique and procedure here, and (you will be right) but you may be more likely to erroneously conclude that you must be defective and something substandard about you. You may well become more destroyed by this resignation then you were by your divorce.

We tell you we have observed that this rarely works ,is the cart before the horse, and going this route often sets back working thru the previous split and getting on to the good life by months.

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Looking For Mr. or Ms Right at the Wrong Time
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