Practice Giving Out Warm Fuzzies everywhere you go

Harlan Jacobsen Copyright 2003

Did you know that ......we who put these pages together for you, ....... (like most people)..... are "starved" for fuzzies.

We are so short we are coming close to shriveling up and dying.... (stopping the work and expense of operating these web sites).

We work long hours, often til way after midnight to write newsletters, articles, and to edit and modify to "scan read" format, converting these pages is very intensive, time consuming and we do that extra work, just to make it easier for you to absorb.

    We hardly even know if anybody really is using it or getting any good out of it. (or even reading it)

We ask everyone at the end of the courses and after the last day, that takes the free courses for example, to send us their comments good or bad....and.....

Since we do not ask for any money or make no charge for anything we try to do for you, it is in fact the only "return favor" we ever ask of you.

    Never the less.........

Do you know that of every 250 people who take the free email courses, only ONE actually sits down and takes the time to send us comments. ( a fuzzy)

    Comments can be good or bad...we don't care, they are still a fuzzy...we are really starved for any kind of fuzzies.

When we get one, rest assured we pass it around to everyone here who work on these web sites and newsletters as our highlight of the day..


    ..... right now you have "gone on the internet" AND you need practice in giving out fuzzies.......

Our address for receiving warm fuzzies and even cold pricklys is:


Enter word "Divorce" in subject line to get past spam filters.

    Snail Mail Address:
    Harlan Jacobsen
    2019 South Minnesota
    Sioux Falls, SD, 57105
    Telephone 605 335-4125
    Cell phone, best bet, 605 376-4125

All fuzzies are passed on by Harlan, no matter what form they take, to Janet, Jeff, Michele, Missy and Wilda.

Note: We get over 250 spam a day because we list our email address right out in plain sight at all of our sites to make it "easy" for you to write us.

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Practice Giving Out Warm Fuzzies everywhere you go Send this article to a friend
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