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Developing A Strong Network of Single Friends

2001 Harlan Jacobsen

Getting the Right New People In Your Life: 
How your new life goes will depend a great deal on building the right kind of support group of new friends.  Your selection of these friends will be the biggest determinate of the direction your new life takes and your overall success and happiness.

You lost not only your spouse, but a whole big support system of married friends when you moved over to Singletopia

You may now have erroneously concluded that you need to find one super person to fill all these needs that have become readily apparent since you became suddenly single.

The main key for you to adjust to single life is to develop a large group of well adjusted strong single friends. A Supportive Singles family.

Not one big all encompassing "fill all my needs" relationship.

Right now you need many different people to serve many different needs as a growing and thriving single person.  You will grow more as a person as a result of and through this new network of single friends in the next 6 months than you did in your previous 10 years.

Up until this major change in your life you had  primarily friends approved by either your parents or your spouse.

As a single, you develop many friends from both of the two major sexes and this time they are all of your choosing. That's right.  This time you can and do develop close personal friends of both sexes.

What you are doing now is developing a security blanket, a singles family of unmarrieds, many of whom are several pages ahead of you in starting a great new life on their own.  Single adults that are functioning happily as single captains of their own fate.

You will become like this network of new single friends.  Choose, nourish, and build this network with great care.

The direction and success of the rest of your life depends on it.  As much as 90% of the good things and changes that will happen in your life ahead will be as a direct result of this support system of single friends.


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Developing A Strong Network of Single Friends
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