Divorce Ceremony

By Harlan Jacobsen



This life event deserves special attention

Harlan Jacobsen Copyright 2003

Many divorced people have a difficult time realizing or accepting the fact that the relationship is dead.

A widow or widower has an advantage to re-adjusting. The funeral ceremony is very final. Some realize life is for the living and they accept their loss and adjust to it. They can get on with living.

Now, someone has come up with a divorce ceremony conducted by a minister. The children attend...and each of the divorced agree to be fair and kind to one another. If this is a beautiful ceremony it may help to make it very final with a definite ending. It would also help the children to understand that mommy and daddy had agreed not to live together or love one another any more.

Some time ago I heard of a divorcee who would not accept the fact her relationship had ended to the degree that she and the children still set a place for him at the supper table every night...like he might return at any time. This was two years after the divorce and despite the fact her "ex" had remarried! Some do have a hard time letting go and accepting the fact that the relationship is dead.

This is equivalent to the funeral service for a relationship that is dead, which I have often recommended. Unlike the uptight hassle of the day in court where the participant doesn't know how they will fare through the judicial "crap game" dividing property with no predictable outcome or consistency, a divorce ceremony can be relaxed and helpful.

The parties involved have nothing to lose and much to gain psychologically from such a ceremony. In fact, you might even invite a few friends.

This may be a major breakthrough in helping to adjust to a divorce.  

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Divorce Ceremony
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