Divorce Humor Saves The Day - Divorce Recovery 101 

Divorce Humor Saves The Day

2000 Harlan L. Jacobsen

  • How Can You Laugh About Divorce?

Not much to laugh about when its you getting a divorce.

Nothing to laugh about in your divorce you say....
well, each divorce is of course a serious subject. So in our "breaking up in to small group"


about how it was going...but there was always one group somewhere that was cracking up with laughter.

Occasionally the rest of us where so curious what in the heck was so funny
we would go over and ask them to share what was so funny.

Kicking myself for not writing some of those down, because the most important thing is to be able to laugh at yourself during some rather trying times..

One of the discussion subjects was going around the group and sharing how long each was married and whether they left or their spouse had left and what they thought it was that ended the marriage.

The funniest response I recall from that discussion that I happen to remember was a lady who said she had been married for 15 years, she was the one who had left and she had left for religious reasons.

She said her husband thought he was "God".

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An ex-spouse is like an inflamed appendix....they cause a lot of pain and suffering, but after it's removed........ .... you find out you actually didn't really need it anyway.


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  • Hang in there, even Moses was once a basket case.

  • I am out of estrogen and I have a gun

  • Our Jesus is better than your Jesus

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Divorce Humor Saves The Day
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