Are You Ready For  Dating
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Harlan Jacobsen Copyright 2003

1. Do you feel "it just isn't fair" if your ex is dating extensively and you are not? 

2.Would it please you - would you go out of your way - to have your ex see you somewhere with an attractive member of the opposite sex?

3. Do you find it difficult or impossible to go to social functions for singles alone, without someone else along?

4. If your ex gets into heavy dating, do you have a strong feeling that the children are being neglected?

5. Do you sort of have the feeling that if a relationship is not forever it is nothing?

6. Do you still see yourself as sort of a failure as a result of your divorce?

7. Are you still angry at your ex for not living up to your expectations in your last relationship?

8. Do you still feel that being single is one heck of a hassle and that being married was much more comfortable?

9. Do you still talk about your divorce several times a week?

10. Do you still have trouble totally trusting someone of the opposite sex?

11. Do you still feel emotionally drained?

12. Do you evaluate people of the opposite sex according to how good a marriage prospect they may be?

13. Are you searching, hoping to get married again?

14. Are you very strongly opposed to the idea of ever getting married again?

15. If you are a man, do you feel that all single women are trying to marry? If you are a woman, do you feel that all men want is to get you in bed?

16. Do you find that you seem to attract mostly losers?

17. Do you wince at either the word "dating" or "single"?

18. When talking about your former spouse, do you still often refer to him/her as my husband/wife?

19. Do you feel you are not really dating material?

20. Are you greatly afraid of getting really involved and hurt again?

21. Do you feel like damaged goods or like you are on a used spouse lot?

22. When you go out or think about going out where other singles are, do you feel like everyone is looking at you as if you were wearing an " I'm available" sign?

23. Do you think it's necessary to figure out what the other sex "wants to hear" to get anywhere the second time around?

24. Do you sort of feel that anyone who would want to be associated with worthless you is probably worthless, too?

25. Do you feel that the majority of singles are losers?

26. Would you have trouble staying at home Friday or Saturday night by yourself doing nothing in particular without feeling bad?

If you answered yes 5 or more times, you still have some things to work through that are impeding successful dating. Go directly to a divorce recovery class or to counseling. Do not pass GO; do not collect $200.

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