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Guest Author, Judge Anne Kass, - a retired District Judge of Albuquerque, New Mexico

Editors Note:  The divorce information on understanding the legal aspects of coming apart as well as the messed up emotional turmoil involved in the tearing a part process, especially those involving children of divorce, is covered in these divorce articles better then any other I have ever read anywhere. Divorce Recovery 101

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Kids Interests and Custody Issues

Kids reluctant to visit the Ex?
   A Child Cries; Parents Misinterpret 
   Adoption Secrecy Damages Children 
   Car Payments vs Child Support 
Damage Parents Wrought
   Chameleon Kids 
   Child Custody And School 
   Childs Best Interest Are What Matter, 
   Children Lose When A Divorced Parent Is Forced Out 
   Children of Warring Parents Descend Into Hellish Words 
   Children's Parents Rights Often Conflict 
   Counselors Can Find Out What Kids Really Want 
   Court Guardian Protects Child's Interests During Parents' Divorce 
Learn Co-Parenting
   Custody To Mothers: Get Both Sides Of The Story 
   Custody Cases Not As Simple As Good vs Bad 
   Custody Was Legal, But It Wasn't Right  
   Dad's Sacrifice In Custody Battle Spares His Son 
   Divided Child Custody A Mistake 
   Divorce Pair Should Agree On Discipline 
   Divorced Parent Squabbling Can Take Toll On Children 
   Divorcing Parents Can Give Their Kids Second-Best 
   Divorcing Parents May Use Pets to Control Children's Decisions 
   Divorcing Parents Urged Not To Change Child's School 
   Don't Bad-Mouth Divorcing Parents In Front Of Children; Criticizing a Parent Also Hurts Kids 
On Choosing a Parent
   Don't Give Children A Sophie's Choice 
   Don't Let Divorce Mar Kids Schooling 
   "Equal Time" Hard For Parents, Kids 
   Healthy Parents Should View Their Divorce As Incurable 
   Interstate-Custody Rule Relieves Angst 
   It Doesn't Pay To Lie To Children
   Doesn't Pay To Lie To Children 
   Judges, Not Kids, Decide Custody 
   Kids Needs First In Custody Cases 
   Law Separates Issues Of Child Support, Visits 
   Lawyers For Kids Might Ease Divorce Wars 
   Missed Parent Visits Are Hurtful 
   New Traditions Ease Kids' Pain In Divorce 
   Parental Custody Is Sometimes Out Of Joint? 
Robbing your children of childhood
   "Parentified" Children Suffer Later 
   Parenting Classes Helped This Dad 
   Parents Make Custody Choices, Custody is Decided Long Before Divorce 
   Parents Teach Children To Hold Grudges  
   Poverty Makes Child Support Hopeless 
   Putting Parents In Child's Shoes 
   Religion Is A Worry For Kids In Divorce 
   Smart Divorced Parents Turn Opinion Differences Into Unified Disipline 
   Split Parents Learn Both Are Often Right 
   Standard Of Living Can Come Between Spoiled Brat Children 

Mistakes and issues that make divorce worse

   Abandonment A Divorce Issue   
   Anger Makes Divorce, Litigation More Difficult 
Dangers of off again on again divorce
   Blame Game Won't Solve Anything 
Money Crisis: Goes with "Divorce".
    Breaking Up Is So Costly To Do 
   Broke, Divorcing And So Very Self Centered 
   Courtesy Can Prevent Divorce Disaster 
Consider the "downside" of dating before divorce being final.
    Dating During Divorce Isn't Wise, 
    Disobeying Court Order Leads To More Trouble  
    Divorce Can Force Home Sale 
    Divorce Cases, Lacking A Right Or Wrong, Toughest For Judges 
    Divorce Counseling Eases The Pain 
    Divorce Should Be A Couple's Last Resort - Not It's First 
   Divorcing Parents Need To Know That Divorce Changes Their Relationship To One Another; Divorce Does Not End It 
   Don't Let Divorce Fail Too 
   Fees, Emotional Cost Of Going To Divorce Court Are Enormous 
   Good Divorce Lawyers Tell You Bad News 
   Legal Answer Can Make Divorce Much Worse 
   Legal Answers Not Always Solutions, Arithmetic Often Beats Legal Answers 
   Lying In A Divorce Is Wrong -- And Illegal 
   Proving Fault Won't Make Divorce Easier 
   There Are Ways To Cut Legal Fees 
   Turnabout Isn't Fair Play In Divorce 
   Two Rights Make Decision Tougher 
   Vengeance Harms Both Parties During A Divorce 

Lowering the damage
   Anger Can Block Divorce Recovery 
Spousal Abandonment
   Case Pits Individualism vs Community 
   Cut Legal Fees With Honesty 
Dealing with the ex, chose dignified or ugly
   Discipline With Teaching, Love 
   Domestic Violence Batterers 
   Don't Expect A Quick Fix From Marriage Counseling 
   Drug Abusers Delude Selves  
   Fair Alimony Is Aim Of Project 
   "Good Providers" Can Be Rotten At Marriage 
   Honor And Honesty Is Refreshing To See 
The "Evil Other".
Make Counseling work????
Hiring a mutual neutral evaluator
   New Fairy Tale Could Explain About 'Happily Every After 
   No Counseling Is More Costly 
Legal discussion of going beyond the theory
   No Fault 
   Second Marriage Can Be As Difficult As The First One 
   Yes, You Can Get Along With Your Ex 
   Wife Beaters Need Our Compassion 

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Helpful Articles About The Divorce Process
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