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Adjusting To The Death of a Relationship And Getting On With A New Life

2001 Harlan Jacobsen

The Death of a long term relationship can be the most stressful emotional experience of a lifetime, with many effects for years. Added to the stress is the loss of married friends and the reality of now having to deal with life as a single person.

Statistics show that if under "adjustment stress" for an extended period of time, the odds of contracting a major illness are greatly increased, as well as other long term stress related maladies.

Being miserable and taking a long time to work through this is no virtue or favor to your health or quality of life.

Life is too short to waste any of it on unnecessary delays in getting on with a fresh and better life.

We have put together two series on working through this trauma. One of them in 37 parts is already in our archives, go here. There are many more that appear on our web sites and singles newspapers monthly.

 *New articles and additional parts of serial series are posted on the web and appear in our Singles Monthly Newspapers.

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Adjusting To The Death of a Relationship And Getting On With A New Life
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