5 Rules to start Divorce Recovery

Harlan Jacobsen Copyright 2003

Follow these five steps for 30 days and see an AMAZING major change in your life.

1. Cut off all contact with "downer" people in your life.

    You become like who you associate with....and you are not able to carry negative friends at this time.

    Find new optimistic "enthused about life" people who will lift you up from the doldrums and help you become full of enthusiasm about joining them in a new life.


2. Stop focusing on whats bad or not working.

What you concentrate on grows. Focus your thought and efforts instead on what IS working, and what is going better and right in your life.


     You'll start getting more of whatever you think about all day long.

3. Stop listening to sad songs or stations programmed with downers.

Turn your TV off for six months and stop watching news programs.

You have enough downers input of your own.

    Avoid the media for six month because it does nothing for you except input to you "whats not working in the world."

The commercials even remind you of whats "wrong" with you.

4. You feed your stomach daily, now start feeding your mind daily.

Reading books or reading here online, listen to audio tapes on personal development, and you will in a short time become a "growing" better person.

    This daily input will outweigh, after a short time the "negative" things that have happened in your life.

You will make better decisions and soon regain "control of your life."

     Read one article a day on this site, then listen to an inspirational audio tape a day and you'll quickly rise above what previously seemed like insurmountable problems.

You'll also counter-act nearly all of the negative programming associated with your divorce.

5. Reprogram your mental computer.

First you have been changing input by getting positive friends eliminating the harmful messages from the people around you,

    You have shut off the negative media and now have a controlled program of what you are daily reading on this site, books on the subject and listening to. audio books.

Now we need to look at and update programming you've "learned" from your parents, teachers and peers that may have been appropriate at the time but is now obsolete.

    Your programming system of beliefs and life guiding decisions have led to habits you've had for years and years.

It will take serious efforts on your part to counteract and/or update this old programming.

    These steps mentioned above were important starters, drop contact with negative friends, replace with new "uppers" people.

Shut off negative songs, radio and shut off the TV for six months.

    Replace them with informational and inspirational books and daily posative reading here on our sites and others on the net,

Rent or borrow from the library inspirational
and personal development
audio tapes and listen daily to them while doing housework, driving etc.

    Become super critical of what you hear yourself saying: learn what words to use to program yourself positively and what words should be eliminated from your vocabulary.

Follow these 5 rules and steps for 30 days and your life will turn around with amazing improvements that will astonish you.


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5 Rules to start Divorce Recovery
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